Editorial policy

UAErest.com has a strict editorial policy that is guided by transparency, objectivity and high quality sources used. The resource covers topics that include, but are not limited to, the restaurant and travel business.

The main points of the site’s editorial policy are:

  • Transparency of information regarding objectivity. Authors should not deliberately conceal their interest in any project/asset mentioned in the site’s materials.
  • Strict fact-checking. Before an article is published, it is further checked for objectivity and factual consistency.
  • High-quality sources. Only reputable information and commercial sources are used in covering various topics.
  • Copyright. Only text materials and images that are in the public domain and are not protected by copyright laws are used in the materials of the site.
  • All text materials are original and technically checked for plagiarism.
  • Each article or news item must be of value to the reader.
  • All information offered is backed up by links or citations from sources so readers do not get a sense of bias. Supporting statements with screenshots or charts is encouraged.
  • Outside opinions. If public or expert opinions are used in the materials, the authors’ views do not necessarily coincide with them.
  • A strict selection process is in place when advertising materials are posted. UAErest.com does not cooperate with projects that advertise any form of guaranteed yield or use dishonest marketing techniques.
  • The editorial staff carefully monitors the integrity of the content and does not allow the use of clickbait and other deceptive techniques to attract readers.
  • Content is regularly updated to reflect current events.
  • Materials are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a public offer.
  • The principles listed are periodically reviewed and updated.

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